About the Program

The Program

  • 12 weeks of self-instructed learning with twice-a-week meetings at our downtown offices to collaborate with teammates and mentors.
  • 6:1 student-to-mentor ratio
  • In-class project work, accompanied by minimal use of lecturing
  • Real-world, project-based learning
  • Paired and group work
  • Practice materials and takeaways

Our History

ExperienceIT was created  after four leading downtown Detroit technology companies, on a mission to find qualified candidates for their many job openings, came together and discussed their struggles to find qualified technology talent in the region.

Through a lot of collaboration, the companies decided to band together in an unprecedented way to train and develop the talent they needed, and the first IT in the D session kicked off in June 2012. In 2014, the program restructured and rebranded as ExperienceIT, adding additional corporate and training partners.

Today, ExperienceIT continues to drive the vision of turning Detroit and Southeast Michigan into a nationally recognized technology hub through the attraction and development of local technology talent. Collaboration and partnership with the region’s top employers, academic institutions and other supporting agencies is key to achieving this vision.

Over the course of seven years, ExperienceIT has trained hundreds of Southeast Michigan residents in software engineering and quality testing. As a result of our training, and their hard work, our graduates have been steered onto the technology career track and landed gainful full-time employment or internship opportunities.  ExperienceIT aligns its strategy with initiatives such as Opportunity Detroit, Outsource to Detroit and WIN, in an effort to better promote the region’s technology companies locally, nationally and internationally.

We welcome you to come be a part of a truly life-changing opportunity.

The Difference


Students have access to technical and soft skills training that prepares them for the workplace and puts them on par with seasoned IT professionals.


In addition to training, students will have the ability to network, and establish relationships with C-level executives, as well as other local, top professionals in the industry. Once an ExperienceIT alum, students belong to a tight network of amazing, local technologists, for a lifetime.


Upon successful completion of the ExperienceIT program, students have the opportunity to interview with partner companies for their current full-time or internship opportunities.

*Employment is not guaranteed as part of this program.